Junny Ko, Real Estate Advisor

Originally from South Korea, I immigrated to Winnipeg in the middle of freezing December 2012. Spending the latter half of childhood in Winnipeg was a blessing as we had so-called prairie friendliness (friendly Winnipeg).

I always wanted something bigger and with an ambition to succeed, we moved to Calgary which is a bigger city than Winnipeg. Here I studied for two semesters at the University of Calgary to pursue a career in law (as I felt it was lucrative).

I ended up dropping out of school and starting a mobility distribution business, pouring all my hard passion and time into it however it didn't work out great. I took this as a lesson that life can be bitter, especially for those who strive to live the best by aiming at the moon. And at the end of the day, there are situations where money triumphs over one's passion especially as one ages and responsibilities start finding its ways into one's life.

So I came to the conclusion that no matter what my passion or love is I need to focus on building foundational wealth first that will allow me to fulfill my responsibility while chasing my dreams. So even if the results of the pursuit of my dream might be bitter, I can still stay a good man fulfilling his duties. This chase of building foundational wealth led me to become a Realtor®. And I want to be the best I can be learning from the best.

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