Benny Wildey, REALTOR®

Born in Norway, Benny and her family moved to Calgary in 1988 and have called it home ever since. In that time she’s watched Calgary grow, community by community, to become the amazing city it is today.

Inspired to get into the real estate industry by Justin Havre himself, Benny started out with real estate photography, as she was already an active professional photographer. From there, her interest in the industry grew and lead her to a career as a mortgage broker where she built a strong foundation in a critical part of purchasing real estate.

Now a Realtor, Benny’s desire to ensure that people are taken care of and get what they need fuels her passion for exceptional customer service. You can trust that Benny has well-rounded knowledge of the industry to get you into your new home or sell an existing property.

In her free time, Benny enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, living an active lifestyle and obsessively learning to expand her knowledge by taking courses and reading books.

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